Wildkin Dinosaur Sleeping Bag & Duffle

Wildkin Dinosaur Sleeping Bag & Duffle

A Childs sleeping bag is just as functional as an adult’s sleeping bag,  and depending on the child, can be very fun. Covered with everything from Rodeo Cowboys and Cowgirls, to Dinosaurs and Fairies, there’s something to make the even youngest outdoorsman feel comfortable and at home.

Buying a Childs Sleeping Bag is one of the first steps in getting them to enjoy the great outdoors. Whether manufactured by a well known company, like Big Agnes or Eureka, or a children’s company such as Wildkin, a child’s first sleeping bag should be both functional and appealing to your child. It doesn’t matter if their first trip is to a National Park or simply camping in the living room with a night light on, if they love their sleeping bag, they’ll want to use it as often as possible.

Wildkin sleeping bagsare some of the most playful and brightly colored, available in patterns designed for both boys and girls. Since sleeping in the outdoors usually stirs up images of cowboys, and two of Wildkin’s popular patterns are the Boy Rodeo (in blue) and Girl Rodeo (in pink). Additional patterns include Dinosaurs (a favorite of little boys) and Fairies(all little girls love pink). More than just adorable patterns, Wildkin sleeping bags have a 100% cotton flannel interior with a color coordinated travel pillow for comfort. Not intended for outdoor use, these sleeping bags unroll and open flat so they can be used on top of a bed. They are also 100% machine washable and are suitable for children up to 5′ 3″ tall.

Once the kids have outgrown pitching a tent in the living room, and are ready to head outdoors, it’s time for a mummy style sleeping bag from Eureka or Big Agnes. A mummy style bag is important since children do not generate as much body heat, so the more thermally efficient mummy style bag will keep them warm all night long.

Little Agnes

Little Agnes

Available in Grasshopper, Lady Bug, Lightning Bug and Minnowpatterns, all of Eureka’s mummy style sleeping bags are temperature rated at 30F. These bags are a great choice for outdoor excursions in temperate (above freezing) conditions. The polyester taffeta shell and inner liner are light, soft and comfortable. Insulated with Eureka’s proprietary polyester Thermashield fiber fill, it provides maximum insulation at a great value. Also, the foot section is angled to allow for a child’s natural sleeping position. Other features include a draft tube, inner stash pocket, a two-way, self-repairing zipper. and it comes with stuff sack.

When your little one is ready to brave the elements, there’s nothing like the 15F temperature rated Big Agnes, Little Red. From the water resistant, nylon rip-stop shell to the soft and breathable cotton/polyester lining, integrated pad sleeve and built in pillow pocket, this sleeping bag is designed for comfort and performance. The no-draft collar, wedge, and zipper tube keep the cold air out, and warm air in. The short staple synthetic fiber fill and nylon construction also make the Little Red light enough (2lbs 14oz) for your child to carry with ease.

Your child’s first camping adventures will be their most memorable. So if it’s the living room, backyard, or National Park, having the right sleeping bag will make them want to camp again and again.  

Northern Lights

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This reminds me of something that you’d excpect to see kids doing with sleeping bags, but the fact that it’s done by adult comedians makes it even funnier. Enjoy.

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